Who Will Win Today Tunisia vs France?

Tunisia vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 Lets Vote and support your Favorite team

Who Will Win Today Tunisia vs France?

Fact 1: Spain, the 2010 FIFA World Cup champions, have started their main campaign with a 0-1 defeat against Switzerland in Durban.

Fact 2: In the 2010 World Cup, Spain is one of the countries who have scored and conceded the least amount of goals, which are 8 goals and 2 goals respectively.

Fact 3: The main reason thought to be responsible for England’s drop-out from the World Cup is the fall in team’s morale when a Frank Lampard 67th minute stunning free-kick against Germany in the Round of 16 was denied by the referee when it bounced into the goal line from the crossbar and spun back out. England lost the match 4-1 in the end. This is also when people and experts all over the world started proposing the goal-line technology for fair results.

Fact 4: The 2010 World Cup made Uruguay’s Luiz Suarez the new hand-of-god icon. Uruguay’s quarter-final clash against Ghana saw the ace striker punch out a Dominic Adiyiah power shot which was to be a goal. Although Suarez saw a red card for it, he is considered to be the key Uruguay’s ticket to the semi-finals for stopping that ball from going in.

Fact 5: The two players whom the whole world looked at during the 2010 World Cup: Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Lionel Messi of Argentina utterly failed to impress the audience. They we under their own shadows as both their teams said goodbye from the quarter-final stage.

Fact 6: The FIFA 2010 World Cup final match was a thrilling one in the history of the tournament. In this match, the record for the most world cup final red cards was easily broken dramatically by the referee Howard Webb, who booked a total of 13 players from both teams. One of these players, John Heitinga, received a double-yellow and thus a red card. In the match, Andres Iniesta scored the one and only crucial goal for Spain four minutes from the end of extra time.

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