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Vitality Health Insurance is an independent authorized agency:

Vitality Health Insurance is an independent authorized agency

San Francisco Health Insurance

Vitality Health Insurance Services online! As unique, progressive, and appealing as the Bay Area communities and Northern California health insurance consumers it serves:

San Francisco Health Insurance
San Francisco Health Insurance
  • Uniquely committed to serving the San Francisco health insurance, San Francisco life insurance, and array of San Francisco supplemental insurance needs via an online portal but equally committed to serving its San Francisco insurance clients and all its Bay Area insurance clients via a committed, personal offline approach featuring careful, considerate consultation to find you the insurance that is right for you, your family, and your business. One-on-one service with a member of the Vitality team of committed insurance professionals awaits you.
  • Progressive in our use of technology and our selection of an array of strategic partners to drive savings, enhance the customer experience, speed response time, and fulfill our 24/7 commitment to savings and customer service.
  • Appealing savings opportunity with the Vitality Health Insurance Services brand: Our services to you are free. Always. We deliver information, situational analysis, and strategies for you, your family, and your business on a host of San Francisco health insurance, San Francisco life insurance, annuity strategies for stable and reliable retirement income, San Francisco disability insurance, San Francisco long term care insurance, as well insurance Medicare supplemental plans for seniors and even San Francisco travel insurance options for personal, student, and business use that all combine to make Vitality your go-to online and offline resource for committed insurance experience and expertise!

A Vitality trademark is the company’s versatility: We offer the speed and convenience of the Internet when shopping for San Francisco health insurance or San Francisco life insurance, or any of our other insurance products, but also feature a committed staff of insurance professionals who will create insurance strategies in unison with the client and be there each step of the way to serve your changing insurance needs throughout the various chapters of our client’s lives.

The versatility we represent to the Bay Area San Francisco Insurance consumer continues with health insurance that ranges from the San Francisco child health insurance that will suit the budget and peace of mind objectives of Bay Area parents to versatile and affordable insurance Medicare supplemental plans we offer Bay Area seniors.

Health Insurance

And the versatility goes on as we not only offer an exciting lineup of products and services to Bay Area individual consumers but also to San Francisco small group health insurance clients representing businesses and industries from around the greater Bay Area region. Business leaders, innovators, and trailblazers in a host of different industries – from the vibrant manufacturing and industrial zones of the East Bay and Oakland to the technology-enriched environs of the Silicon Valley, business turns to Vitality when creative innovation is needed to create insurance solutions that deliver performance and cost savings.

San Francisco Life Insurance

San Francisco Life Insurance

As you’re already aware from our San Francisco health insurance pages here at the site we’re devoted to helping Bay Area consumers shop for and find the health insurance in San Francisco that is just right for them, their families, and even their San Francisco small business health insurance objectives if that is a priority item in their personal or professional lives. But Vitality is so much more: Here at the site we talk about the careful considerate consultation we provide Vitality clients on the subjects of San Francisco disability insurance and San Francisco long-term care insurance, not to mention other supplemental insurance such as San Francisco travel insurance.

To add to that array of products and services we also feature San Francisco life insurance products such as term life insurance and permanent life insurance for the San Francisco life insurance consumer who is seeking the life insurance product that is uniquely suited to their needs.

As we noted above, there are two main categories of San Francisco life insurance:

San Francisco term life insurance: This policy has a set duration on the coverage period. That period can for example – run 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years in length. At the end of that period of time the policyholder – good health permitting! can allow the policy to lapse or renew it again for another period of time. This policy provides a stated benefit that is payable to the beneficiaries if the policyholder dies during the term period. With San Francisco term life insurance there is no cash build-up, no savings feature, or the ability to “tap into” the policy in case of an emergency requiring access to ready cash.

San Francisco is whole or permanent life insurance: This is the type of San Francisco life insurance that covers the insured for their entire life. The “whole” of their life. It’s “permanent” in that it doesn’t expire like a San Francisco term life insurance policy. Upon the policyholder’s death, the stated benefit is paid to the policy’s beneficiaries. With our very best wishes, we hope you’ll live past 100! At 100 you, the policyholder, receive the stated benefit. Of particular interest is the feature of San Francisco’s whole life insurance wherein the policy accumulates a growing cash value that the policyholder can tap into when a financial need arises that requires access to cash.

Do you need San Francisco life insurance? Well, let’s look at your unique situation – and that’s what we do here at Vitality – we look at the uniqueness that is you and your life. No “one size fits all” here, folks. Reach out to us for insight into how San Francisco health insurance or life insurance will work for you and we’ll find a solution that is uniquely suited to your needs.

Okay, you’re a young single person enjoying life here in the Bay Area. No family obligations, no mortgage or other obligations where a loved one is reliant on your income and ability to make continued payments. You don’t need San Francisco life insurance. If this also describes your situation at present you won’t need life insurance in Oakland or life insurance in San Jose either if the above reads like you. Now you will hear us talking about the need for this individual to carefully review and engage in their San Francisco health insurance or San Francisco disability insurance, but life insurance at this stage of your life? We don’t view that as a “must-have”.

Okay now let’s say you’re young, no mortgage, but you do have children. Or perhaps you are the single adult child of an elderly parent. Do you have loved ones in your life who are depending on your income for financial support? Here is where San Francisco life insurance coverage becomes a necessity in your financial planning cache. Our job at Vitality is to help you understand exactly what your options are regarding the type of San Francisco life insurance plan that is right for you. Whether term or whole life is the right path and we’ll also help you calculate the benefit amount of life insurance that’s right for the family you love and which depends on you.

There are two primary methods for helping Vitality clients determine how much San Francisco Insurance they should purchase:

The human life approach: This method of calculating the right amount of San Francisco life insurance goes like so: How much would your family or loved ones need to be based on the loss of your income if you passed away today? It is a calculation that takes into account such factors as age, gender, years of retirement, current income, and so on. It looks at the value of human life from the perspective of that life’s economic value to the family unit.

The needs approach: This methodology estimates the amount of San Francisco life insurance that is needed to pay off your current debt obligations: A family car; a mortgage; outstanding loans and what amount of money is necessary to sustain the household you leave behind. An important point to keep in mind: This is not always about caring for children in your household. Do you have elderly parents who are reliant on your income to sustain their financial well-being? Are you your parents’ San Francisco long-term care insurance “solution”? Your calculations should be certain to take into account all the people in your life who depend on you and your income.

Your San Francisco life insurance plan strategy can also be one of finding ways to either establish an “immediate estate” or to pay the estate taxes on the assets you leave behind. Whatever your San Francisco life insurance planning needs you can rely on a Vitality Health Insurance Services professional to provide the insight you need to create the life insurance strategy that works best for your family and your unique set of financial planning needs. We’re Vitality: This is what we do.

San Francisco Travel Insurance

San Francisco Travel Insurance

We know! It’s kind of ironic for us to discuss the notion of securing San Francisco travel insurance for a trip abroad when residents of the Bay Area find themselves in the midst of one of America’s most beautiful and exotic cities! Our San Francisco health insurance clients blessed with the good fortune to reside in the Bay Area will find no shortage of beautiful vistas from the awesome Golden Gate Bridge to the sweeping views of the Bay towards points east and south, the Bay Area resident can also enjoy the incredible range of activities the communities of San Francisco, the North Bay, the East Bay, and South Bay have to offer. From a weekend at the beach in Santa Cruz to wine tastings in Sonoma, the region has so much to offer.

But life is what it is; we sometimes yearn for adventure. An adventure that will take us abroad and away from the United States. Adventure can take many forms that require the careful review of the health and financial benefits of San Francisco travel insurance: Vacations of a lifetime; Bay Area students in pursuit of a learning adventure overseas; the thrill of pursuing business objectives in foreign ports of call.

While you can rely on your San Francisco health insurance to help cover the cost of domestic medical services, it is always a good idea to consider the possibility that during a trip abroad an unexpected illness or injury could wreak havoc with both your long-term health and finances.

Obviously when planning for overseas travel the logistics of such trips tend to take precedence. Vitality Health Insurance Services understands how the planning of such trips can at times seem overwhelming.

This is exactly where a Vitality San Francisco health insurance and San Francisco travel insurance professional can lend a helping hand by providing careful, considerate consultation that will help you quickly, easily and conveniently understand your travel insurance options and select the San Francisco travel insurance plan that’s right for you, a family member (That student traveler!) or even an employee of your San Francisco small business being sent on an overseas assignment! We’re Vitality Health Insurance Services and we’re your go-to resource for travel health insurance here in San Francisco’s beautiful Bay Area!

San Francisco Disability Insurance

San Francisco Disability Insurance

Hello San Francisco disability insurance shoppers: Here are two shocking “did you know?” : According to a study conducted by the American Council of Life Insurers, one out of three Americans aged 35-55 will become disabled for a period of time that exceeds 90 days. It is further noted that disabilities that do exceed 90 days will extend to a period that can be measured in years. It is statistics like this that make the consideration of a San Francisco disability insurance plan not just advisable but incredibly prudent as well.

We’re not forgetting our friends in other parts of our beloved Bay Area: Wherever you live or work in the region, Oakland disability insurance or San Jose disability insurance should be a vital consideration to consumers throughout this beautiful part of the state that is home to our site visitors.

A known first line of defense in a situation where injury or illness has struck is the San Francisco health insurance plan you should already have in your possession: Next up is the carefully considerate review of a San Francisco disability insurance plan in unison with a Vitality insurance professional.

You’ll receive your completely free review of a San Francisco disability insurance strategy with your Vitality Health Insurance Services professional or if you’re in other parts of the Bay Area a carefully crafted review of the Oakland disability insurance strategy or San Jose disability insurance strategy that works best for your needs and finances is yours free, Remember: A Vitality Health Insurance consultation is always 100% free to the client. We can help you create a second line of financial defense in a situation where a physical ailment threatens your ability to work and earn a living over an extended period of time.

Offering San Francisco disability insurance plans through our strategic partnerships with such leaders in the field as Principal Life Insurance Company, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Assurity, and Union Central, Vitality Health Insurance Services is the San Francisco disability insurance leader San Francisco residents turn to when creating sound disability insurance strategies that will work on their behalf to provide a precious source of income, protect assets, and preserve wealth should injury or illness strikes a family breadwinner.

This is also a good time to mention that two-income families are the norm not the exception: Do you and your spouse have a San Francisco disability insurance strategy in place for the both of you? Reach out to the professionals at Vitality and let us help you with the free but careful and considerate insurance strategy planning we’re known for.

We understand that the family household budget is what it is, and the thought of adding yet another expense in the form of a San Francisco disability insurance plan is difficult to comprehend. We get it. But we also know that we’re here to consult with you and find solutions to difficult problems so that when the unexpected happens it can be met with confidence and fortitude in the face of adversity. As we said: We realize household budgets are stretched thin. If that is the case we must also assume that emergency funds are not what they might have been. A disability situation could quickly spiral out of control and leave financial devastation in its wake.

The cost of living here in the Bay Area can be steep often requiring the necessity that is the two-wage-earner family: A San Francisco disability insurance plan strategy just like the sound health insurance in San Francisco strategies you’ve put in place can be the peace of mind you need to make certain that should the unexpected occur, a safe and sound financial solution is there working for you and your family when you or a spouse can’t work.

Let’s work together to create a strategy that allows your family the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have both a San Francisco health insurance and San Francisco Insurance strategy in place should the unexpected happen. We’ll help you determine if you have viable San Francisco disability insurance through an employment disability plan or if a private disability plan for short-term disability or long-term disability is the option that’s right for you, your family, or the San Francisco area small business you own and that depends on you.’

San Francisco Long-Term Care Insurance

San Francisco Long-Term Care Insurance

Securing a long term care insurance plan is about two things – both of which center around “protection”: Protecting the assets you’ve worked a lifetime for and protecting the independent lifestyle you will surely want to enjoy in the later chapters of a rich, full life led here in the Bay Area.

Thanks to our strategic partnerships we can provide Bay Area consumers with San Francisco long-term care insurance, Oakland long-term care insurance or even the San Jose long-term care insurance plans that fit your LTC (Long Term Care) objectives and household budget. Companies we work with include Allianz, Assurity, Genworth, John Hancock, MedAmerica, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, and Prudential. If you are buying long term care insurance, you can do so through Vitality with no fee for our services. You do not pay anything for the careful, considerate consultation we provide as an independent San Francisco health insurance broker. We’re paid by the San Francisco long term care insurance company you select as your LTC insurer of choice for the San Francisco long term care insurance you determine will work best for you and your family.

Given the staggering costs of long term care in this country and the percentage of people in society today who do end up utilizing skilled nursing home care, intermediate care, and custodial care – within the context of either home-based or community-based services – incorporating a San Francisco long term care insurance element into your financial planning strategy is a sound move!

San Francisco long-term care insurance insures you when:

  • Institutional care is needed: This can be a nursing home or convalescent facility involving skilled nursing care or custodial care.
  • Home care is needed: Homemaker services or personal care when Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are impacted by illness or injury.
  • Community-based care is needed: You or your spouse still need to remain employed but a loved one might require the services of an adult day care center. Other examples include hospice care or respite care.

Nursing home costs can exceed $50,000 annually and even exceed $100,000 per year while home-based services can run into the thousands on a monthly basis. Employer plans don’t typically feature any kind of LTC element and for those of you who are thinking Medicare will be there for you? Think again. There are no provisions in Medicare Part A or B should the need for San Francisco long-term care for you or a spouse surface.  

The three ways to meet the cost obligations that come with long-term care:

  • Exhausted personal assets and savings.
  • Liquidating or transferring assets to qualify for government-sponsored plans such as Medi-Cal.
  • Purchase a San Francisco long-term care insurance policy that protects you, your family, your savings, and your assets in the event long-term care becomes necessary.

Let’s discuss a Bay Area long term care insurance strategy that works on your behalf should long term care become a necessity and the desire to maintain your independence and protect the financial integrity of your household is uppermost in your objectives. We’re here to help and you can trust a Vitality Health Insurance professional to be sensitive to your needs and objective in the presentation of information you’ll need to make the decisions that are right for you and your family.

You can rely on Vitality for a convenient and free consultation and San Francisco long-term care insurance quote. We’ll also provide you with an accompanying free consultation on your San Francisco health insurance and San Francisco life insurance strategies too!